Your Go-To Exercises For Achilles Tendinitis

For Recovery And Prevention

Woman with Achilles Tendinitis

There you were being active, being healthy, doing something good for your body, and this is what you get? All that work you put in, the hours you spent, the sacrifices you made – you hoped would have only positive results. You were making progress, but now you’ve been sidelined because of the pain in your Achilles Tendon. How are you supposed to continue when the pain won’t let you function? What can you do to get past this?

Let’s talk about Achilles Tendinitis, what you can do to recover, and what you need to help prevent it from happening in the future…

Ankle Sprains – Exercises For Recovery and Prevention

Ankle Sprain Injury

If you’ve played sports or if you’re an active person, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced an ankle sprain. And if you’ve sprained your ankle once, there’s a good chance you sprained it again. In fact, ankle sprains are the #1 most common injury in sports 1 and the most common joint injury in daily life 2. With all of these ankle sprains going on, wouldn’t it be good to know how to recover properly? And, seeing that 80% of athletes who sprain their ankle will sprain it again 3, wouldn’t it be good to know how you can potentially prevent a future sprain?

The goal of proper recovery should focus on prevention – they go hand-in-hand. Like any injury, though, rehabilitation happens in phases. Let’s discuss what you should do immediately after an ankle sprain, within the first few weeks, and within the following months to maximize your recovery and minimize your chances of it happening again.

Hamstring Strains – Rehab Exercises That Work

Eccentric Strengthening, Progressive Agility, and Trunk Stabilization

Man With Hamstring Strain

Come on, push! Just a little faster – go, go, go! You feel good, you’re pushing hard – then the next thing you know, you feel a pull in the back of your thigh and down you go. You just strained your hamstring. Now you’re left to wonder what to do next. How long will you be out? What is the best way to get back? How can you prevent this from happening again?

Let’s answer these questions about hamstring strains and give you some exercises you can get started on during your road to recovery…

How Physical Therapy Can Help Your Meniscus Tear

Improve Your Mobility, Strength, and Function

Man with Meniscus Tear

Stiffness, swelling, pain, catching, locking, clicking, buckling – maybe you’ve experienced a few of these symptoms in your knee. If you have a Meniscus tear, what can you do to help? Maybe you’ve heard that meniscus surgery is a possible option for you. Or maybe you’ve considered physical therapy. How do you know which is right for you?

Here we’ll discuss the benefits of Physical Therapy for meniscus tears and offer you some exercises you can get started on today…

Knee Arthritis – Taking Steps Forward

How To Improve Your Mobility, Strength, and Function

Man with knee arthritis

So you’ve been diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis? Understandably, you’re a little concerned…and questions are running through your mind. Is there any way to get better? Will it keep getting worse? Will you need surgery? Here we’ll provide some answers to your questions and start with a bit of good news: your diagnosis of knee arthritis does not have to be a sentence to a life of pain and disability – ultimately leading to knee replacement surgery. There are steps you can take to improve and this is where you start…

IT Band Syndrome – Your Guide to Relief

Runners and Cyclists Listen Up!

IT Band syndrome

Mile after mile…all the miles…and then a few more miles– exercising, training, racing, you’ve put in the work and now your knee is paying for it. Whether it’s running, cycling, or a similar activity, pain on the outside of your knee is often from friction of the IT band. What causes this? Why do some athletes get this and others don’t? How can you find relief?

Here we’ll offer some answers to these questions and give you some exercises you can get started on today…

Solving Patellofemoral Pain – It’s All In The Hips

Hip Strengthening for Knee Pain

That dull, achy pain in the front of your knee – it feels like it’s right behind your kneecap. Running, going up and down stairs, squatting, and standing up from chairs all seem to make it worse. You’re an active person, so I know you’re a believer in the benefits of exercise – but when all these activities hurt, how can exercise make it better? Surprisingly, Patellofemoral pain, as this type of knee pain is known, can get better by strengthening the muscles in your hip…that’s right – your hip.

Let’s take a look at how this works…

Jumper’s Knee – What It Takes To Get Back in the Game

Progressive Loading For Patellar Tendinosis

Jump around…jump around…jump around…jump up, jump up, and get down…” If House of Pain’s lyrics to “Jump Around” describes the sequence you went through with your knee – lots of jumping followed by some aggravated down time – it’s likely you have Jumper’s Knee – or Patellar Tendinosis. But don’t get too discouraged, later in the song they sing “…so get out your seat and jump around!” With some guidance and some hard work, you too can get back to where you want to be.

Let’s take a look at what Jumper’s Knee looks like, what you can expect in terms of outcomes, and which exercises you should be doing to improve…

ACL Surgery – Getting Back To Your Sport

With Advanced Exercise Videos

ACL injury

Two-hundred-fifty-thousand – that’s the number of ACL injuries that occur every year in the United States. Most of these injuries happen in young athletes in sports that involve jumping, pivoting, or hard cutting. One-hundred-thousand is the number of ACL reconstruction surgeries in the US each year1. Just about every athlete wants to know one thing after their ACL surgery…

“When can I get back to my sport?”

To answer this, we’ll look at:
– How much time you should spend in Physical Therapy rehabilitating
– How many months after surgery are proven to give the best outcomes
– Physical requirements for returning to sports

What You Can Do For A Snapping Hip

The 3 Best Exercises For Relief

Snapping Hip Syndrome

A snapping sound anywhere in your body can be quite disconcerting, can’t it? “What could possibly be causing that sound?” you wonder. “Will it ever go away?” Snapping in the hip is a common issue that, fortunately, can be helped. Here we’ll cover the basics of who is affected by a snapping hip, what causes the snapping sounds, and what you can do to help…