Ankle Sprains – Exercises For Recovery and Prevention

Ankle Sprain Injury

If you’ve played sports or if you’re an active person, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced an ankle sprain. And if you’ve sprained your ankle once, there’s a good chance you sprained it again. In fact, ankle sprains are the #1 most common injury in sports 1 and the most common joint injury in daily life 2. With all of these ankle sprains going on, wouldn’t it be good to know how to recover properly? And, seeing that 80% of athletes who sprain their ankle will sprain it again 3, wouldn’t it be good to know how you can potentially prevent a future sprain?

The goal of proper recovery should focus on prevention – they go hand-in-hand. Like any injury, though, rehabilitation happens in phases. Let’s discuss what you should do immediately after an ankle sprain, within the first few weeks, and within the following months to maximize your recovery and minimize your chances of it happening again.

What Can Balance Training Do for You? [Exercise Progression Video]

Balance Exercise

What do a 15-year-old soccer player and an 85-year-old bridge player have in common? They can both benefit from balance training. Bobby’s goal is to prevent another ankle sprain. Edna’s goal is to prevent another fall. Whoever you are: young or old, fit or sedentary, athlete or office worker, you can benefit from balance training.

Let’s take a look at what systems in your body contribute to balance, why balance training is so important for different groups of people, and – most importantly – how you can improve your balance with a progression of exercises…