Your Go-To Exercises For Achilles Tendinitis

For Recovery And Prevention

Woman with Achilles Tendinitis

There you were being active, being healthy, doing something good for your body, and this is what you get? All that work you put in, the hours you spent, the sacrifices you made – you hoped would have only positive results. You were making progress, but now you’ve been sidelined because of the pain in your Achilles Tendon. How are you supposed to continue when the pain won’t let you function? What can you do to get past this?

Let’s talk about Achilles Tendinitis, what you can do to recover, and what you need to help prevent it from happening in the future…

My 5 Favorite Exercises Using Lacrosse Balls – Video

For Self Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Massage

Lacrosse Balls for self myofascial release

Want to know the best way to release trigger points in your muscles? Do you have a tennis ball at home? Great! You can use it to play fetch with your dog. But for releasing tension in specific muscles, I recommend using a Lacrosse Ball. It is slightly smaller than a tennis ball and much more firm – perfect for targeting small areas of tension…